Save time and money

Our courses cost less than instructing equivalent numbers of staff/students by running workshops or by building similar e-learning courses in-house. Online courses also save considerable amounts of administrative time and effort.

Reach more people

Whereas delivering a workshop or seminar can typically help 25 students at a time, our online courses open up audiences that can run into the thousands. Epigeum courses can be accessed remotely by those who might not have been able to attend workshops in person (e.g. part-time learners, distance learners).

Free up face-to-face time for more in-depth learning

Our courses work best if used to complement your existing training programs and resources*. For example, they can be used to bring all learners up to the same standard and to deliver key basic knowledge and principles. Valuable face-to-face instruction time can then be used on richer and more thought-provoking content, such as problem-solving, case studies, practical applications, guest speakers and discussion.

*Post-course evaluation shows that student and instructor motivation is significantly higher when our online courses are used in conjunction with classroom instruction.

Stay up-to-date and learn from the experts

In an increasingly competitive environment, our courses provide your staff and students with access to the very latest professional knowledge across a broad range of subject areas. You may not have in-house specialists available to cover all these areas; by using our courses, all your staff and students will gain access to the knowledge of experts who are world class in their fields.

Flexible access, anytime, anywhere

Our courses are accessible 24/7 from any computer with an internet connection. This gives staff and students the opportunity to study at a time, place and pace of their choosing to suit their learning needs and learning style.

Keep track of progress

Using your LMS (e.g. Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle) you can track participants’ progress through the material in a rigorous and more structured way than in workshops. Regular reviews and quizzes can demonstrate levels of comprehension of key concepts, while monitoring online discussion rooms can demonstrate which students are actively contributing to debate.

Tailor courses to your needs

Different institutions have different needs and we have designed our courses so that you can adapt them to ensure a good fit with your particular requirements:

  • Our courses are modular in design which makes it straightforward for you to add or delete individual screens. For example, it is easy to add your own logo screen and welcome pages.
  • All of our courses contain a 'resources' section. We have made this page editable so that it is straightforward to add your own links, for example to internal websites and resources.
  • Quiz screens can be adapted to fit your LMS or Intranet so that results can be stored within assessment systems.
  • If you are using an LMS then it is straightforward to add communicative activities so that participants can communicate with an online instructor or with each other. For some of our programs we provide a comprehensive guide containing suggested activities.

Note that you may need access to technical support in order to make some of the more complex adaptions. If you don't have easy access to support within your institution then we are happy to help you through the process.