Stand-alone, instructor-supported, or fully blended?

Epigeum courses are designed to be as flexible as possible, giving you the maximum choice in how you deliver them. A brief summary of some of the options is provided below; every program comes with a comprehensive Supplement which outlines the strengths of each approach and, in many cases, provides a wealth of additional materials for use with online instructors and in face-to-face sessions.

Delivery mode Stand-alone online courses As instructor-supported online courses As part of a blended learning program
Description Learners access the courses in self-study mode.

Learners have access to an online instructor as they progress through the courses.

Courses are integrated into a blended learning program, usually being delivered as preparation for face-to-face workshops/seminars.

Benefits Learners can study at a time and place of their choosing.

Our courses are interactive and provide plenty of feedback – but we can’t predict every question participants will ask, and for these instances an online instructor can be beneficial.

Instructors help learners get started, build a sense of community among the group, facilitate discussion and motivate learners when required.

Key concepts are learned via the online course, allowing workshop leaders either to reduce face-to-face contact time, or to focus this time on more in-depth, applied and interactive activities.

Alternatively, universities can integrate our courses into more extensive and structured training programs such as certified teaching courses or researcher development programs.

Maximizing the impact of Epigeum courses

However you decide to use our courses, there are six catalysts that can accelerate their success. Not all of these catalysts are necessary for a successful implementation but the more you adopt the sooner you are likely to achieve your implementation goals.

  1. Adaptation: Adapt the courses to your context. The technical format of our courses allows you to add, delete and edit certain elements of the content so that the courses are well aligned with your particular needs.
  2. Technical presentation: Install the courses so that they are easy to access and make best use of the advantages of the LMS you are using.
  3. Integration: Integrate the courses into your existing training programs and resources. Include them in any existing systems and procedures you have in place. The courses are best seen as one component of the training you offer rather than a stand-alone item.
  4. Accreditation: Give your students credits for completing the training. Accreditation sends the message to your students that the training is important.
  5. Marketing: Ensure your target audience knows about the courses and can access them easily.
  6. Feedback and reporting: Act on feedback provided by your LMS and by course feedback forms. A key advantage of online training is the tracking data provided by the system and the ability to easily gather user feedback.

Support with implementation

Core support

After purchasing one of our products you will be invited to attend a workshop (either in person or online) at which we:

  • Guide you through the process of installing the courses in your LMS
  • Share our experiences of effective implementation and marketing
  • Help you create an action plan to implement the courses successfully.

Our technical experts are always at the end of the phone or on email to help with any queries, and we can also provide you with marketing collateral such as imagery, hand-outs and posters. Do take a look at the Help and Support section of our website too, which is dedicated to providing information on how to install courses into different LMSs along with resolutions to technical issues we have had reported to us by our customers.

Enhanced support

To get the best out of our courses, we strongly recommend that you book one of our enhanced implementation support packages. These in-depth, consultative sessions will:

  • Enable you to align your use of our courses with your departmental and strategic objectives
  • Guide you through the process of uploading the courses into your LMS
  • Advise on how to ensure maximum take-up of your program
  • Help you integrate the Epigeum program into your existing training and make any necessary customization
  • Assist you in developing an effective implementation strategy.

For further information on our implementation support packages, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .