What a development group does

Development group members collaborate with the program's lead advisor, authors, reviewers and Epigeum to shape the program by:

  • Agreeing the detailed course curriculum
  • Peer-reviewing the materials as they are worked into courses
  • Arranging for students and staff in their institutions to appear in the course videos.

Input from development group members ensures that our programs closely match what universities really need.

Benefits to development group members

  • Unlimited license in perpetuity and free updates for a further three years, in exchange for a one-off fee which is usually just slightly more than the cost of an annual license
  • Opportunity to review courses and shape them to your own needs
  • Chance to meet and work closely with peers at other universities
  • Very significant saving relative to developing similar training courses in-house

Development groups currently open


Find out more

  • Take a look at our Course catalog to find out which projects are currently open for collaboration (look for 'Collaborate' in the 'Status' column)
  • Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .