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Teaching and Assessment for Medical Educators

Focusing on direct skills observation, evaluation and teaching with patients, this program will help ensure that medical educators minimize subjectivity and improve the reliability and standardization of student assessments across multiple sites of learning.


It will focus on the unique teaching and assessment context in medical education and clinical evaluation.


The program is designed to assist medical schools in complying with Liaison Committee on Medical Education standards.

2 6.5 hours 77.5 hours Jun 2015 Collaborate
University and College Teaching

This program pools the experience and knowledge of leading educationalists and will equip all levels of faculty with the skills needed to effectively plan and deliver compelling courses that will ensure student success. The program includes assignments that can contribute towards a Teaching Portfolio and potential accreditation.

University and College Teaching was developed under the guidance of Lead Advisor Professor Graham Gibbs (University of Oxford) and US-Version Editor Professor Marilla Svinicki (Texas-Austin).

9 27.0 hours 256.0 hours Nov 2011 Published
Learning Technologies Online

Technology use in support of teaching is becoming increasingly prevalent at all levels of education. Learning Technologies, designed for teaching staff and e-learning teams, will explore the ways in which technology can transform teaching and learning, examine the features of a wide range of current digital learning tools and resources, and help staff determine how best to blend traditional and online teaching delivery, methods and resources to meet their learners’ needs.

Comprising over ten hours of media-rich, interactive material, Learning Technologies will help to keep staff up-to-date with recent developments to meet student demand for technology-enhanced learning in today’s competitive higher education environment.

7 13.0 hours n/a Feb 2010 Published
Teaching Online

This program is designed to provide lecturers with the knowledge and skills they need to design and teach effective and engaging online courses.

It will investigate the differences between face-to-face and online instruction, guide participants through the basics of online course design and pedagogy, introduce a range of technology tools, and provide advice on supporting students who are studying online.

The resulting improvement in online course quality, flexibility and efficiency will enhance the student experience, reduce drop-out rates and save money.

Each three-hour online course will be supplemented by a further six hours of optional activities (making 46 hours in total) which encourage faculty to apply newly-gained knowledge to their own instruction and to build a personal development portfolio.

6 14.5 hours 57.5 hours Apr 2014 Published