Our courses are created by those in higher education, for those in higher education, and we offer many opportunities to collaborate.

Over 150 universities and colleges have now participated in Epigeum development groups, including nine of the UK’s top ten institutions.

Our collaborative approach brings together leading universities and subject experts from around the world to develop subject-specific content. Matched with our in-house team of production experts –designers, developers and editors, we ensure each course is stimulating, engaging and relevant.

Truly global collaboration

Over 347 universities in 32 different countries have used Epigeum courses.


The importance of collaboration

Our courses would not be what they are without the input of universities from across the world. Equally, the universities we work with benefit by gaining access to materials developed at a speed and of a quality that they could not achieve on their own.

How we develop our courses

Development groups

Each of our programmes are built in close collaboration with a group of universities known as the ‘Development Group’. Members of this group pay a one-off contribution and then partner with us to peer-review the courses and gain a licence to the courses in perpetuity. By joining a group, you’ll work alongside fellow experts and the best in your sphere internationally – creating extensive networking opportunities and career enhancing experiences.

More about our development groups

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