Developing our courses

Each of our programmes are built in close collaboration with a group of universities known as the ‘development group’. Members of this group pay a one-off fee and then collaborate with us to peer-review the courses.

Developed in collaboration

Our highly collaborative approach involves a development group of universities who provide feedback throughout the development process. We partner world-class subject experts with our experienced in-house editorial staff and web developers to build courses that are insightful, engaging and effective. Quality is assured through a meticulous review process, with substantial input from reviewers, advisors and development group members to help shape and fine-tune the courses. A typical course storyboard goes through at least six iterations with input from over 20 individuals before it is approved.

Our Development Process

Story of a course

Find out how an Epigeum course goes from inception to publication and the many iterations it will go through as we strive to provide the best possible quality online resources. 

Story of a course

What a development group does

Development group members collaborate with the programme’s lead advisor, authors, reviewers and Epigeum to shape the programme by:

  • Agreeing the detailed course curriculum
  • Participating in a programme launch workshop
  • Peer-reviewing the materials as they are worked into courses
  • Arranging for students and staff in their institutions to appear in the course videos.


Input from development group members ensures that our programmes closely match what universities really need.


Collaborate With Us

Take a look at our Courses open for collaboration page to find out which projects are currently open for collaboration

Courses open for collaboration