Epigeum Compliance Training


Epigeum’s compliance training suite will deliver new and enhanced programs covering the major areas of institutional research compliance. Combining a manageable and consistent format with Epigeum’s expertise in delivering engaging learning experiences, this new suite will be a trustworthy training alternative for your institution. 

The programs will provide coverage of all the required regulations. Rich pedagogy, high impact interactive learning and realistic scenarios make the programs appealing to users. Our proven approach to online learning delivers excellent training outcomes which translate to practice, improving the quality of research and reducing the risk of noncompliance.


Epigeum’s compliance training suite will initially include the following programs:
  • Animal Care and Use
  • Good Clinical Practice
  • Human Subjects Research
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
Key features of Epigeum’s compliance training programs:
  • Accessible 30-minute modules
  • Robust pedagogical framework
  • Interactive activities
  • Infographics and visual aids
  • ‘In the News’ features link to engaging articles
  • Video interviews with research experts
  • Case studies at the end of each module
  • End of module tests