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Epigeum is the leading provider of exceptional online education designed to help universities and colleges transform their core activities – in teaching, research, studying and leadership & management.

Our courses are developed through the global collaboration of experts and partner universities and shared by subscription. They are produced by our in-house team of editorial and online professionals and used by leading institutions across the world.



What can we do for you?

Our courses are organised into programmes grouped around key skills areas in higher education: teaching, research, studying and leadership & management. We are proud to say that we have helped tens of thousands of staff and students move online: 95% of whom have rated our courses to be of exceptional quality.


View the Epigeum journey from inception to the present day

Our Story

United in a passion for learning and leading edge technology, Epigeum was founded in 2005 as a spin-out company from Imperial College London. We continue to cherish that link with our London office situated close to the main campus in Kensington.

Since then we have developed over 19 separate programmes and established a US office in Cambridge Massachusetts.

We collaborate across the globe with leading experts from the UK, USA, Europe, Africa, Australasia and Asia.

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View the Epigeum journey from inception to the present day

Partnership with Imperial College

Imperial Innovations, one of the world’s leading university technology transfer companies, manages Imperial College’s interest in Epigeum. Many academics from Imperial have contributed to Epigeum courses, including Professor Lord Winston, Professor Gerry George, Professor Chris Toumazou, Professor Peter Barnes, Dr Simon Stockley, Dr Paul Langford, Professor Sir David Watson, Professor Graham Gibbs and Dr Benita Cox.

What makes Epigeum courses so exceptional?

The impeccable quality of our courses is guaranteed by the sheer quality of the collaborations we build, enabling us to develop subject-leading content.

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