Why Choose Epigeum?

Everything starts when we get universities together…

Our courses are developed by bringing together a Development Group of international universities to work with leading experts who author and review the courses, all overseen by Epigeum’ s experienced team.

Our authors and contributors are world-class subject experts including Nobel Prize-winning scientists, leading journal editors and presidents of key organisations.

We partner world-class subject experts with our experienced in-house editorial staff and web developers to build courses that are insightful, engaging and effective.

Quality is assured through a meticulous review process, with substantial input from reviewers, advisors and development group members to help shape and fine-tune the courses.

World Class Online Provision for All

Existing Epigeum programmes can be provided at the click of a button. Alternatively, you can help shape new courses by collaborating with other leading experts. Either way, your Epigeum programme can be customised to suit the individual requirements of your institution. The team at Epigeum will help install and promote the courses with you ensuring your staff and students and university gain maximum benefit from participating with the world’s leading collaborative online education provision.

Quality and delivery assured through collaboration and the Epigeum process

Our research shows that creating online courses to the standard we do is prohibitively expensive for a single university. By forming international collaborations with subject leaders, the cost is reduced for everyone and the quality is improved though the sharing of expertise and best practice.

Topics can be addressed rapidly and the content created professionally and creatively within an assured timeframe, ensuring that your institution has access to the very latest knowledge and insights on research, teaching, learning and leadership from world-leading subject experts.

Reach More People, More Efficiently

Whether you need to train 10 or 10,000, you will be able to engage your learners in a cost-effective and flexible way.

Once the courses are built we make them available to other institutions on subscription, enabling us to regularly update the content.

Collaborate or Subscribe

Access to our programmes is sold on an annual licence basis; one- and three-year licences are available. Licensing Epigeum courses in this way is usually far cheaper than building courses in-house or running workshops, particularly if you need to support large numbers of learners.

Alternatively, you may wish to get involved with one of our projects at a much earlier stage by joining one of our development groups. Development group members receive an unlimited licence to use the courses in perpetuity in exchange for their joining fee and their input and guidance in shaping programmes as they develop.

The Epigeum Advantage: Partnership & Collaboration

Our programmes are developed in collaboration with world-class authors and universities.
We offer more than collaboration:



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