Who are Epigeum?

Epigeum courses are created by leading academics to cover the core activities of universities and higher education institutions.

Who are Epigeum?

We provide the highest quality of online courses to universities and colleges across the globe, committed to supporting the success of their students. We bring universities together to create online courses and then make the courses available to other institutions via subscriptions.

We also bring leading subject matter experts, designers, developers, editors and film crews into these collaborations which enables us to build truly engaging courses.

World Class Online Provision for All

No two universities use Epigeum courses in exactly the same way as each Epigeum course is tailored to meet the requirements of each individual institution.

Our courses are rich and engaging – adapting to a variety of different leaning styles. While being rigorous and challenging, our courses are also conveniently accessible to you, so that you can learn in bite size chunks fitting to your own personal needs and time constraints. This allows you to take breaks for personal reflection, whenever needed, then get back to learning at the click of a button.

You Are in Great Company

37 of the world’s top 100 universities use our courses, as well as 95% of Russell Group members in the UK.

In collaboration with many of these universities, along with world-class subject leaders including Nobel Prize winning scientists, we produce the absolute highest standard of on-line learning. Our courses are highly interactive and feedback-friendly. In fact, 95% of students rate our courses as 4.5 or more out of 5. But don’t take their word for it

What should they do to access/preview their course?

See if it is something for you. Included with each Epigeum course is a conceptual map, allowing you to get a clear idea of the journey ahead.

Designed around how students study

Our courses are perfect for the student who wants to take a firm hold of their own learning. We offer all the benefits of face-to-face study, including video interviews with experts, without the hassle of daily travel expenses and set timetables. You can learn all you need to know, in a format of your choosing, at your own pace and tailored to your own needs.

Our courses are made by academics, for academics. Learn alongside us, and you can be a part of what makes us exceptional.

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