What makes our courses so exceptional?

Our courses are designed to be inspirational and transformative. Through collaboration with world-class authors and universities, use of cutting-edge technology, outstanding client support, and a team of dedicated professionals, we have built an international reputation as a provider of exceptional online learning.

Our Pedagogical Approach

  • Core

    Online content provides a solid
    foundation to the course materials.

  • Additional

    Self-development, peer-to-peer and tutor-led activities and suggestions enable the users to explore core learning further.

  • Blended

    Programmes are designed to be easily integrated into a blended learning approach.

The Epigeum Advantage

We bring together leading universities and subject experts from around the world, so that we can all share and benefit from the latest and the best practice in every subject. Meanwhile, our own team of production experts – designers, developers and editors – ensures each course is stimulating, engaging and relevant.

The scale and depth of this meticulous authoring and review process would be too expensive for a single university to undertake alone. By building a collaboration of world-class experts, we can raise quality, share expertise and best practice, whilst spreading the cost.

Epigeum courses ensure your university has access to all of the latest knowledge and insights on teaching and development, research, studying, and support and wellbeing. They are all created by higher education, for higher education.

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