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Our interactive, online courses support higher education institutions in providing support on a range of topics including prevention and response approaches, training on tackling hate and harassment, support for international students, and more, promoting positive change across the entire the university community:

  • Consent Matters: Boundaries, Respect, and Positive Intervention is a fully interactive, evidence-based online course that provides current, inclusive, and scalable training on sexual consent, communication and relationships, and bystander intervention to students.
  • Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence: Guidance for Staff provides accessible and research-based training on the first response to disclosures. Developed under the guidance of an expert panel of advisors, authors, and reviewers, the course ensures all staff are equipped with the practical knowledge and skills needed to provide an effective and survivor-centred first response, and signpost to potential sources of further support.
  • Tackling Harassment: Promoting Cultural Change in Higher Education consists of a complementary pair of interactive, online modules that will support universities in tackling harassment and hate. Taking a holistic approach, the programme’s modules, Being an active bystander and Responding to disclosures, combine evidence-based best practices with expert learning design to raise awareness, counteract barriers to reporting and intervention, and encourage positive social and cultural change throughout the whole university community.
  • Being Well, Living Well is an interactive, online toolkit takes a positive, preventative approach to help students maintain their mental, physical, emotional, and financial wellbeing.
  • From our Studying strand, International Student Success is made up of four clear and concise modules, equipping undergraduate and postgraduate international students with the knowledge, skills, and understanding that are central to preparing for, and adjusting to, university life in the United Kingdom.

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Watch this webinar on ‘Student Safeguarding: promoting positive cultural change through prevention and response strategies in higher education’ to find out more about how you can tackle hate and harassment and provide effective support across your institution.


Read this case study with Keele University on ‘Delivering Consent Matters as part of the student pre-arrival induction programme’
Watch this case study with the University of Roehampton on ‘Bystander Intervention and Consent Matters
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